Monday, March 23, 2009

LUKE: The Robin To My Batman

Luke n' Vodka
Aw Luke, you were drunk--this is true. You were saying some strange things about taking shots of vodka, disco dancing, and yellow thread. I appreciated your lack of equilibrium and shrugged it off saying, "His comments were the only ones that mattered in workshop." I miss those days of writing true (lol) and you. It's okay if your memory of me on that last night at AWP is somewhat of a dream because I was there and so were you.

On Writing
You're freakin' inspiring me to write. Since the last time we spoke all I've been thinking about lovin'. I've been lovin' so tough that writing has become somewhat of a distant cousin, but I remember those days in Mankato. I remember writing pieces that would 'ring true' to some in workshop. I remember you always telling me, send stuff out. And me shrugging before saying, yeah I guess. Reading your trials and tribs as your writing life blossoms is moving me. It is true that I'm on the verge of falling in love, not with writing, but with some flesh and bones. But how can I neglect the one thing that sets me apart from others? How can I say to writing, 'bye, bye love?" I dunno why things unfold the way they do, but you are inspiring me to go back to Toni Kay. We are suppose to exchange stories, but I have to actually work on some first. What do you think about the words I'm writing? Is there any hope for your thesis reading partner? Did ACM contact you? I was suppose to be going back and intern to keep you abreast on the happenings of your publication--I suck sometimes, and you can say this and not be afraid of any repercussions because after speaking with the editor at AWP I still haven't returned. Luke, what's wrong with me--do you know?

On Rejections
Let the rejections roll off your back, man. You've been published like eighty times so don't sweat the Nos. When you send your stories to the places where they want to call home they won't come back to you. Remember that night at Diana's and it was raining more cats than dogs and we were there to get our signatures and we started talking about rejections and Diana showed us the box of rejections (I think there was 30 rejects for one story) and we both looked at the box and felt a bit of relief because our teacher didn't let that dissuade her and we both knew she had made something out of her writing life? So now I'm saying to you--the person who will always be the Robin to my Batman--DON'T SWEAT IT! You are a better writer than that to result to the circle of people who whine about being rejected. Man up and keep writing.

Mind you, all these words are coming from a person who hasn't written in months. Like in workshop, take what helps.

Toni Kay

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi Nettie, guess who? I want to wish you a happy birthday and also let you know that I finally figured out how to reach these kids. Love you lots and may your day be filled with smiles.
I miss you terribly,